As local business men and women, we understand that partnering with us is typically related to marketing your brand. We work tirelessly to advertise and promote the High Desert Stampede and in turn, acknowledge you, our community partners! By partnering with us, we promote you and your brand and the community recognizes that you helped bring this event to the area.  We generate over $75,000 in advertising value with well over 2 million impressions each year.  Partnering with us is far from a donation or charity, contact us today to find out how we can help you market your brand!


The Directors of the High Desert Stampede are excited to be Bringing you the Stars! As we open the Northwest's rodeo season each year we hope to count you among the partners bringing this premier event to Central Oregon. We thank our patrons for recognizing our local and regional sponsors and making special effort to shop with them! Locally and regionally, experienced rodeo fans are excited and those who have never seen a rodeo can recognize and appreciate the premier nature of this event.  Year after year, we deliver exciting results for our sponsors.  Whether you're looking to see your company's logo on TV or to drive people through the front door, we look to customize your experience so you get exactly what you need!

What do Rodeo Fans Look Like?

Interested in the hard numbers?  So are we, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) collects and analyzes fan demographic info regularly.  In 2016, they provided the following via Scarborough Research and

Gender:  51% Female, 49% Male

     26% 18 - 34 years of age
     53% 25 - 54 years of age
     49% over 50 years of age

     66% Caucasian
     22% Hispanic
     7% African American

Annual Income:
     57% earn $50,000+
     37% earn $75,000+
     20% earn $100,000+

ProRodeo Fans compared to the national average:

  • 241% more likely to hunt
  • 155% more likely to own an ATV
  • 98% more likely to go camping
  • 961% more likely to go horseback riding
  • 410% more likely to go downhill skiing


ProRodeo Fans...

  • 53% are married
  • 47% have children
  • 65% own their home
  • 59% have attended some college
  • 24% have graduated from college

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