December 22, 2019

Athlete Information

The High Desert Stampede is excited to host you!  As a ProRodeo Tour stop, we're excited to host you and want to provide tools for your success.


Driving Directions

From Highway 97 Northbound:
  1. 1. Take Exit 124 - SE Airport Way towards the Redmond Airport. Use the far right lane.
  2. 2. Turn right onto SE Airport Way.
  3. 3. Turn right onto Mount Jefferson Drive (Deschutes County Fair & Expo Main Entrance).
  4. 4. Immediately turn right and follow the service road inside the fairgrounds to the Southeast.
  5. 5. Continue through the security checkpoint and park behind the Juniper Arena and Horse Barn at the X shown on figure 1.

Figure 1


Free contestant parking (including overnight trailer parking) is located in the northeast corner of the fairgrounds.  Follow the signs once you've entered the fairgrounds via Mount Jefferson Drive.


Secretary's office

Once parked in Contestant Parking, you may enter the First Interstate Bank Center to drop your rigging or gear in the locker room, but the Secretary's Office is on the opposite side of the arena.  You're better off entering the First Interstate Bank Center from the Northwest corner, checking in, then making your way to the locker rooms or behind the chutes.  See #1 in green in figure 1.



Stalls are available overnight Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  They are $25 each night and come with one bale of shavings.  Additional shavings are available for $5/each.  Please check in at the marked trailer at the horse barn labeled #3 in figure 1 above whether you have reserved online or not.  Questions about stalls?  This year (2023) please call Karen at (541) 815-9379

Shavings will be available for purchase on site.



Each night, contestants are welcome to join us in our Hospitality tent for dinner before or immediately as each performance starts.


Locker Rooms

On the opposite side of the First Interstate Bank Center, near the back doors, you'll find Men's and Women's locker rooms.  These doors are conveniently located near the entrance to the High Desert VIP Room and access to both the chutes and timed event end See #2 in figure 1.


Local Amenities

Make sure to check out our local partners and let them know you're in Redmond, Oregon visiting them because you're here for the High Desert Stampede!

Feed, Tack & Variety

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