Join the High Desert Stampede Team!

We take this opportunity to express our significant gratitude to the Central Oregon community.  Without our local business community, neighboring rodeos, facility, volunteers and fans, we couldn't produce our annual Top 60 Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) prorodeo.  Considering the scope of our production, we need partners, sponsors, volunteers and vendors of all sorts, shapes and sizes.  Our mission in every relationship is to deliver a mutually beneficial partnership that everyone looks forward to each year.

Our Mission

The High Desert Stampede, in partnership with our Central Oregon community, exists to bring a top tier rodeo experience unlike any other in the Northwest to Central Oregon.  To achieve this, we will bring the best athletes and livestock together each year continuing an annual tradition.  We wish to recognize and promote the western way of life, our western heritage and sense of community.


Looking to meet new people and have a good time?  You won't find a better group to hand out with!

Partner Sponsors

Looking to advertise or promote the your brand at the rodeo?  Learn more about our unique opportunities and options.

Vendor Information

Do you sell unique or memorable products?  Are rodeo fans your ideal patron?  Learn about our vendor booth opportunties here.